Nest of Applications

Apps by Lennar Kivistik 


Sleep Cycle Want to create a sleep report of how you've slept through the week in order to change your sleeping behaviour, well a good start with a good night sleep is to change your rutines, start reading prior to sleep and log your sleep. :)
Time Calculator Calculate hours and minutes between two times, usefull for time reporing.
Battery Calculator In order to create nice IoT gadgets which function for a longer time you would need to know the current draw, and take a battery which fits your needs check out my battery calculator to make the ordeal a bit easier.
Genki Memorizor If you ever have the urge to learn japanese kanji, well then need not worry, if you have the Genki book series, just lean back and start memorizing.
Rumour Has It Players must guess the word or phrase being drawn by their fellow friends, while the next person will have to draw the guessed word, the Mobile phone or Ipad goes around the group, if the words guessed are the same, everyone gets a point, if someone guessed the wrong word, both the person who had drawn will not receive any points.. If this happenes in the beginning of a round, no one will receive any points :) 
Pig Play a game of pig, a dice game where you lose if you get the number one. So beat your friend by getting the highes score!